Our Services

As a private, independent firm focused solely on the business of investment management, PASI has clear advantages over trust departments, brokerage houses, and mutual fund companies.

Personalized Service:

Investment management is our business, and achievement of competitive risk-adjusted returns is essential. Client service, however, is what really sets PASI apart from others in our industry. Our size and independence make this focus possible. Portfolio managers limit the number of relationships to enhance personalized service. Annual meetings are encouraged as an opportunity to review your investment structure and returns, assess your financial situation, and answer your questions. A member of our team is always available to talk to you.

Dedication: Over the years, PASI has created a culture that fosters the loyalty of its employees, who average over ten years with the firm. Our staff includes our eight-member portfolio management team and five support personnel.

Aligned Interests: Our status as a fully independent, fee-only investment management firm means our interests are aligned with yours.

(See our Customer Relation Summary here for full disclosure)

We do not:

  • Earn a commission from the buying or selling of securities
  • Represent any corporations in the issuance or marketing of securities
  • Affiliate with banks, brokers, or insurance companies looking to promote "in-house" products
  • Sell any proprietary financial instruments

PASI conducts independent investment research and invests its own retirement plan in the same securities it recommends to clients.

Straightforward Performance Reporting: PASI's state-of-the-art portfolio management software tracks individual account performance daily. Reports clearly illustrate investment returns relative to an appropriate benchmark.