Investment Philosophy

PASI invests client funds in two primary asset classes - high quality stocks and investment grade bonds. The allocation of funds to each asset class is tailored to the individual client's risk tolerance and financial situation. The mix is modified only when dictated by a change in client circumstances or major economic shift. We also believe in the power of simplicity and thus do not recommend investments in partnerships, hedge funds, currencies, precious metals, commodities, insurance products, or derivatives.

Equities: PASI invests in high-quality large capitalization growth stocks, with a mix of small and mid-capitalization companies. We favor companies that are leaders in their industries, trading at attractive valuations, with a history of consistent earnings growth, increasing dividends, and a strong balance sheet.

Fixed Income: PASI purchases only investment grade bonds. Typically, the bond portfolio is laddered over a five-year range and held to maturity. This conservative approach ensures stability, security, and a steady income stream. When appropriate we purchase tax-free municipal bonds.

Custody: BNY Mellon N.A., the world's largest custodian of financial assets, houses the majority of PASI client assets. BNY Mellon also provides account statements, trade clearance and settlement, corporate action processing, income collection, and tax reporting.

Expenses: We work strictly on a fee for service basis, calculated on dollars under management. Our fee begins at 1% annually, with a declining rate structure beyond the first $500,000. As a fee-based adviser, our interests are completely aligned with yours - the growth of your assets and the attainment of your financial goals.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.